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  • Eva Coghill

    Eva is a young Aboriginal mother and has an extensive knowledge of the Quandamooka environments. Eva has learnt this from her grannies, mother/s, aunties, uncles and her knowledge is communicated in both cultures. Eva is the manager and driver of the Gooriemooka, She is a leader amongst her generation and is leading the next generation to advancement in business opportunities.

  • Brian Moreton Coghill

    I have a degree in Environmental Management from Griffith University, I have also studied in Archeology and Anthropology. But most significantly I also have a 'Degree' in my living Cultural knowledge handed down to me by my Uncles, Aunties and Grandfathers. In this way I have skills and experience in Environmental Management from two different Cultures. Using this combined knowledge, I will impart to you some of my Indigenous knowledge of the "Quandamooka" environment which is also contextualised in a western scientific framework.

Tour 1 - Goories and Yurees:

  • Dandruba peoples' connection to land and saltwater country

    On this Cultural tour you will not only be educated about land and waterscape you will also gain knowledge of how to collect mudcrabs; how we find and cook Quampie; how we know when the sea mullet is ready for harvest; and much more, but you will also be able to participate in our resource management activities.
    As we travel through the landscape on this intimate, personalised, small to large group tour, you will hear some of our stories, and visit some of our special places.




    Tour 2 - Goorie Knowledge / Goorie Law:

    Dandruba land and water resources management in cultural context

    Come with your Gooriemooka guides to experience the knowledge of Mooka's descendants on this Cultural journey. Discover how we managed the land and sea resources of Quandamooka in the past and continue to do so today. Our management is designed to ensure both our survival and the sustainability of Quandamooka. This will assist you to learn about our holistic approach to understanding and managing our Cultural and natural heritage.