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Brian Moreton Coghill B.A.Env

Brian's "Gooriemooka Tours" & Educational Talks are leaving an imprint on such a Diversified Audience, He is making a reputation for Himself Worldwide.

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Brian Moreton Coghill

I have a degree in Environmental Management from Griffith University​​ & ​studie​​s ​in ​Archaeology and Anthropology​. Most significantly I ​also have a ‘degree’ in my living cultural knowledge, handed down to me by my uncles, aunties and grandfathers.

Gooriemooka Tours

  • Intimate Personalised Tours

    Experience the knowledge of Mooka's descendants through participation in Resource Management activities. Discover how we managed the Land and Sea resources of Quandamooka in the past, and continue to do so today.

  • Visit Special Aboriginal Places

    As we travel through the landscape you will hear some of our Stories & visit some of our special Places. This will assist you to learn about our Holistic approach to understanding & Managing our Cultural & Natural Heritage.

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