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tour 1
Goories and Yurees:
2-3 hours

  • (Small Group Tour - maximum 6 people)
    Dandruba peoples' connection to land and saltwater country.

    On this tour you will be introduced to Quandamooka land and sea culture. Your guides will take you to visit places that contain examples of our yurees (totems); we have both land yurees and sea yurees. In each location you will be introduced to the law and stories that are enshrined in our yurees, and will learn how these stories and laws form the central core of our living heritage, connecting Dandruba people to 'country'.
    Depending on the season, you will also have a chance to participate in gathering some of the resources we manage, and cooking / eating them in traditional ways.


    Morning/Afternoon Tea Provided
    Tour commences a.m. or p.m.



    Tour Name Hours Adult Child/Student
    GOORIES AND YUREES 2-3 $100 $50
    LARGE GROUP TOUR 5-6 $40 $20


    *Child aged 16 or under
    *Student aged 18 or under, if enrolled in school



tour 2
Goorie Knowledge / Goorie Law:
5 to 6 hours

  • (Small Group Tour - maximum 6 people)
    Dandruba land and water resources management in cultural context

    This Tour will take you to a range of different environments on North Stradbroke Island - Lake, creek, dunes, saltwater.
    At each Location you will be introduced to the yurees of the place and learn about their environments and the way we, as traditional owners, have managed the resources since the first man set foot in Quandamooka country.
    You will have the chance to harvest at least one seasonal resource and incorporate it into your morning tea and / or lunch, and will learn about Dandruba management Law while you are collecting your meal.


    Morning Tea and Lunch Provided
    Tour commences a.m. | Full Day



    Large Group Query

    Learning Goorie Law and Science.

    Specialised large group Tours for school visits, University studies, and other educational groups can be arranged, with each tour specifically tailored to your educational requirements.

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